A small peak into my world, which inspires my jewelry. Photos of my work, workspace, stones, smithing adventures, hobbies and other slices of life! 

A collection of treasures from friends and other makers.

Vertebrae necklaces, 2018

Dried flowers! I love filling rooms with these or gifting them.

My dear friend Enyo of Bonesteeth modeling a moss agate ring, 2017

Custom ring inspired by Sailor Moon, 2019

One of my favorite rock shops, The Enchanted Rock Garden, MN, 2019

Itty bitty gems!

Power Pendant and DarkFawnJewelry ring, 2019

Statement rings, 2019

Lodolite, my most favorite stone.

My cutie and I! 2019.

The workspace and some of my treasures.

Rose Quartz Cauldrons, 2019

My shop, my books, my happy place.

Cauldron Necklaces, 2019

Hikes in parks.

My favorite mug.

Castings by J4!

Labradorite rings, 2019

Healing things in my shop.

My dear pup, Oona, 2019

A walk around my favorite lake.

Bathroom magic.

Vertebra necklace, 2018

Headshots are intimidating... 2019

Sawing, sawing, sawing.

Progress shot of Flora & Fauna, 2019

Summer vibes, 2019

My love and I, 2019

Progress shot of eye rings for the Oddities and Curiosities Expo in Minneapolis, June 2019

My table at the Oddities and Curiosities Expo in Minneapolis, June 2019

Spider & garnet pendant, 2019

Birb coffins and spooder rings, 2019

A part of my small home garden, 2019

Eyes for days, 2019

Hand painted coffin boxes adorned with my logo wax seal, 2019

Power Pendant, 2019

Power Pendant, 2019

Lapis and moonstone, 2017

Flora & Fauna Collection, 2019

Planchette Rings, 2018

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