Silvercravt is a run & owned by Lesi Lorena, an avid stone lover & self taught metalsmith. She creates each piece in her home shop based in Saint Paul, MN.

Hello darklings, my name is Lesi.

I am originally from the small town of Ft. Rucker, Alabama, but have spent the majority of my life in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where I currently reside. I have been creating silver jewelry since late 2016. I am a self taught metalsmith.

I began my smithing journey during my first year of highschool when I took a jewelry design class. I learned most of the basics of smithing: cutting, sawing, soldering, setting and construction. After many battles with the very first piece that I had ever made, I was in love. Unfortunately my school closed shortly after this class had ended and I was transferred to a school that did not offer anything even remotely close to jewelry design. It would be many, many years before I came close to a sheet of silver again.

Around 2014, I was sitting in a bookstore with my partner on a sunny afternoon in Minneapolis. I was browsing the hobby section as he looked at books about wilderness survival and I came across a very old book on smithing. It was mostly words with pencil sketches of tools, processes and materials on each page but it was all that I needed to see to remember how I felt in that highschool class so many years before. By this time in my life I had forgotten the majority of the skills that I had learned in that highschool jewelry class but I knew in my heart that I needed to relearn them, no matter the time or cost that it would take to do so. Thus began the great debate of school vs learning on your own...

I spoke with my peers and even some wonderful, kind smiths on social media and I eventually came to the conclusion that I was more than ready to purchase some equiptment and relearn the craft on my own. It took me about two years to save up for everything that I needed, but it was worth every struggle along the way.

By early 2016 I was making small, simple rings from silver coins in my apartment workshop, which was just a small table in the corner of my bedroom. The tools that I could use and the amount of racket that I could make was very limited, which unfortunately kept me from branching out and learning new skills. Come late 2016, I moved into a house where I was ecstatic to set up shop in the creepy, dreary basement. It was very cold and often eerily dark, but was my favorite place in the entire world. Since then, I've moved into larger home and set up shop in a spare bedroom. I have been creating as much as possible between my everyday life and my other fulltime job.

As for the inspiraiton behind my silver work, I am called to by the beauties and complexities found in the earth, literature, decay, rebirth, bones, botany and all things magick. I love using sterling silver, beautiful, unique stones and creating pieces that emphasize the natural beauty of the stones.In my future I am hoping to take a professional class to learn new skills and use some tools that are currently out of my reach. I thank you for seeing me along in this process and I am eternally grateful for your support, whether it be a purchase, a comment, a like or a just your admiration.

Thank you for checking out my shop, I hope that you see something that calls to you.

Love and light,


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